Fine, Medium, Coarse

Hair is comprised of protein and moisture.  Fine hair has too much moisture and not enough protein.  Coarse hair has too much protein and not enough moisture.
When discussing hair textures, it is important to know your type. It is also important to know your desired look. 

Most people think the products they use are appropriate for their hair type. "Grocery store" products are not the best.  Ingredients in salon products are refined and designed to deliver specific results.

Someone with fine hair will tell me they don't use conditioner because it weighs their hair down, yet their hair is dry and needs attention.  Using products like Suave, Pantene, Dove have ingredients with larger molecules and tend to be waxy and heavy for hair, hence the reason to not use conditioner.

At SASS we guarantee our products.  If you try a product we recommend and are not happy with it, we will give you a full refund or exchange it for something else.

Here's to a Happy Healthy Hair Day!