Terri Lambdin is starting a meditation class.

As we age and our worlds become complicated, there comes a time when we should stop and smell the roses.  But do we?  Do we know how?  Do we take time for ourselves?  Do we self reflect?

As a 50 year old single female in the world of business I find there are times when I would like to meditate.  Everything I hear about meditation sounds wonderful.  Sit in the quiet, reflect on the happenings in your life, breathe, relax.  The perfect solution to the craziness that sometimes surrounds me.  However, when I sit and try to meditate on my own, I start off ok and then bam, a thought crosses my mind.  I try to reel it back in and then bam, another thought, then another and another.  Before you know it, I am no longer meditating.  My "To do" list takes over and I am left wondering what happened, what did I do wrong?

I voiced my frustration to my reflexologist and friend Terri Lambdin.  When I told her I really wanted to learn how to meditate, she suggested I needed to take lessons.  Who better to teach?  Terri!

Terri and her friend Lisa Mantakos, will be teaching a class on how to meditate.  It will start the first week of November and run 6 weeks.  The class will be held at my house and will be either Monday or Tuesday evenings at 7.  Cost will be $30/session.  If you prepay the cost will be $20/session.

Let me know if you're interested.  Space is limited.