Ruby Ribbon has comfortable Shapewear.

Lisa Schmitt the Director of Sales for Ruby Ribbon, graced us with her presence on the 18th of February.  She brought all her samples for us to try different sizes and different styles of the new spring line of clothing.  Great stuff!

Ruby Ribbon has only been around for a couple of years and it is great having a founder who listens to those of us in the field.  I was able to chat with Anna Zornso and found out a little more of her background.  At one point she was Vice President of Yahoo. Working in a man's world really wanting to feel comfortable from the inside out!  She came up with the idea for Comfortable Shapewear and now a couple years later, she created Ruby Ribbon.

We samples at the salon for you to try on and see for yourself!

Ruby Ribbon...It's a SASSY thing!